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Boost your chances of converting leads by customising your accounting software documents with the Web Design London professional-looking, Xero custom DOCX branding themes.
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At Web Design London we know how important it is for your business to come across as trustworthy and professional at all stages of the consumer journey, especially when you’re about to close the deal by sending them a proposal or a quote. Custom Xero branding template design allows you to upgrade the documents you generate through your Xero accounting software with customised, on-brand templates, you get to impress your clients with sharp-looking Proposals, Quotes, Invoices, Customer Credit Notes, Purchase Orders and Customer Statements. Our custom Xero branding template designers’ attention to detail when it comes to transferring the look and feel of your business into a DOCX branding theme helps you to stand out amongst competitors.

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    Our design process has been developed in a way that allows us to collaborate with you and arrive at a design that’ll help you make a lasting impression on your leads and win their business.
    Provide Project Brief
    Begin the process by submitting the form which you’ll find below, and let us know exactly which documents you would like to have customised. You can specify what your brand colours are, the layout you are looking for and give examples of the designs you like. Based on the information you submit we will be able to provide you with a quote for all of the custom DOCX branding themes you need.
    Get quote & pay online
    Having reviewed your project brief form submission we generate a quote specific to you and your branding needs, which upon acceptance you can pay online.
    Receive the first draft
    Our designers will use your brief to prepare designs of all of your customised business documents while making sure these meet the particular specifications of your accounting software and display all the correct information in the right places. We’ll send you the first draft in PDF format with dummy data so that you can envision what it’ll look like when it’s done.
    Feedback & Revisions
    We understand that we might not always get it right the first time and so we allow three revisions, during which you can provide us with as much feedback as you like in order to get the design to the point that satisfies you. A fee will be charged for any additional design or layout amendments.
    Receive Final Docx Files
    After the revision and feedback stage, when the design is finalised and the template is tested to make sure it works and formats information correctly, we will provide you with the final custom DOCX branding theme files, which you’ll be able to upload to your Xero account.


    At Web Design London we believe each touchpoint with your potential customer should be optimised fully without you having to make compromises. Branded digital stationary can help you gain that competitive edge at the critical final stages in your sales funnel.

    Save Time
    Accounting software, such as Xero, let you send multi-page proposals through the quote function. With Web Design London’s customised business proposal DOCX branding themes you can save time by sending out professional proposals with a cover page, brochure pages, personalised messages, images, custom headings and terms and conditions pages all in one. Once accepted you can convert the quote into an invoice with a click of a button.
    Impress & Convert Leads
    If a potential client comes as far as the quote stage, it means you probably already spent some money and time promoting and selling to them. At Web Design London we believe that it is therefore a crucial stage when you need to ramp up your efforts to impress and convert your leads. A beautifully designed proposal shows them that you really want to win their business and indicates the high standard of services they can expect from you.
    Be Professional
    When you know the value of your service, you begin to look for clients that are aligned with your ethos and are willing to pay for quality services. But the only way to attract those sort of clients is to position your business in a way that appeals to them. This means being professional all the way through your sales funnel. Upgrading your Xero or Quickbooks invoices and quotes with on-brand designs can top off the process and lock-in your ideal customers.
    Reinforce your brand
    When it comes to marketing to your potential customer in order for them to take an action, some say repeating a message three times will work, while many believe the “Rule of 7″ applies. Refreshing your Xero or Quickbooks invoices or other documents is a way to emphasize once again what your brand is all about and how your product or service can benefit your potential customer.
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    John and his team really bought into our vision. The product they delivered was excellent and the additional tweaks and changes as we developed our service was never an issue. Highly recommended

    Damian Brown Avatar
    Damian Brown

    We have been using GLO for a couple of years now and we are still as pleased with their results as we were in the first few months. They communicate well, give sound advice and are extremely knowledgeable.
    I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their ratings on the internet.
    All Trans Autos Ltd

    Richard Bloomfield Avatar
    Richard Bloomfield

    A delightfully easy service delivered with passion and knowledge. Looking forward to working together in the future, and take advantage of the GLO effect! Thanks John.

    Daniel Dimoline Avatar
    Daniel Dimoline

    We've been using John and the team at GLO for only 3 months now since moving to Ipswich and the level of quality SEO and professionalism they offer is extremely high and arguably unbeatable. Monthly/Quarterly catch ups, they keep you updated on every detail and the difference to our website is unmeasurable from when they started until now. Do not look any further i promise you wont be disappointed, and we can say that as Prior to GLO we went to another SEO company in Ipswich and my god we the difference is like night and day. Thank you GLO and here's to the next stage of SEO with your amazing team. ..!!!

    david power Avatar
    david power

    It was a pleasure to work with GLO on the website for our rewards and recognition platform.

    The team is knowledgeable, friendly and professional and we were really happy with the final product, especially considering time constraints.

    Ben Hammond Avatar
    Ben Hammond

    I approached GLO for a rebrand, website re-design and SEO package. Right from the start I felt like a priority. The way the team look after their clients is top notch and the culture runs through the entire organisation, there wasn’t any idea or extra request that wasn’t met with enthusiasm and I was always kept informed of where the project was at.

    The quality of the website and brand that they have created for us is great. The website is beautiful and already ranking on first page Google searches, after less than a week! I could not recommend John and his team highly enough, and I can see us working with them for many years to come.

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    Ben Grover

    This company has helped increase the quantity and quality of leads, produced a smart and productive website which is user friendly. John is always professional and polite. 5*****

    Karl Turnbull Avatar
    Karl Turnbull

    GLO were introduced to me with a glowing recommendation by a close friend who had recently enlisted their services. I was extremely impressed with the work that they had completed on his behalf and as I happened to be in the market for a complete overhaul of my company brand and online presence, it was a no brainer to get in touch.

    From the outset John, Mark, Beth and the whole team were amazing. From discovery stage, defining a clear roadmap, impeccable copy, a complete redesign of the brand and all things in between, GLO took the lead and produced an end product that exceeded all expectations. I look forward to working with them again very soon on another rebrand.

    I could not be happier with the results. I strongly recommend that anyone in market for their services get in touch right away.

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    Jamie Gray


    Our talented team of experts can help you transform your Xero or Quickbooks DOCX branding themes to give your digital stationary a personal touch and highlight the important information that can help you convert your leads.
    Online Lead Generation Agency UK John Parnell GLO
    John Parnell
    Digital Marketing Director
    Web Designer London, UK - Mark
    Mark Chaskelson
    Web Design Director
    Web Design London Kat Haladus Social Media Marketing
    Kat Haladus
    Project Manager
    SEO Web Design London Beth Craig UK
    Beth Craig
    Content Specialist
    London Web Designer Callum
    Callum Marshall
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    Whatever business you run, with custom DOCX branding templates for your invoices, quotes or other documents, you’ll be putting your best foot forward at all the pivotal points of interaction with your customers.

      Custom Xero Branding Template Design FAQ’s

      What is branded invoicing?

      Branded invoicing refers to styling your invoice to match your branding, including using your brand colours, logo, fonts and any other distinctive features that you use in your branded material, such as on your website, flyers, in social media posts or banners.
      Customized invoicing is a great way to showcase your brand to your customers once again, right at the time when they’re about to pay for your product or service. Building a strong brand with design shapes the way customers perceive you and helps you to reinforce your brand message, values and goals. By extending your branding as far as to the invoices and quotes you send, you increase the chances of your brand being remembered and recognised. Additionally, the professional appearance legitimizes your business, which makes you more credible and trustworthy.

      What should be included on an invoice?

      Typically, invoices need to include the following information:
      - a unique identification number
      - your company name, address and contact information
      - the company name and address of the customer you’re invoicing
      - a clear description of what you’re charging for
      - the date the goods or service were provided (supply date)
      - the date of the invoice
      - the amount(s) being charged
      - VAT amount if applicable
      - the total amount owed

      If you’re customising your invoices with our custom DOCX branding themes service, we are able to add elements to your invoices that will make them integrate with your brand more.

      More specifically, we can customise your Xero or Quickbooks branding templates by:
      - Adding images and graphics
      - Incorporating your letterhead
      - Adding colour to tables
      - Adding or repositioning your logo
      - Adding a background watermark
      - Changing or adding data fields

      What is an invoice format?

      Invoice format refers to the layout of an invoice and the different sections it includes. Invoices can be broken down into different sections which allow you to arrange the information in a logical way, whilst making sure you include all the necessary information that is required to be stated on an invoice.

      Invoice format is not the same as invoice template. A template is an already formatted invoice with dummy data that you can replace with your own information. Accounting softwares such as Xero or Quickbooks allow you to generate invoices using their pre-made templates but also give you the ability to amend the format. Using these templates and editing elements of it, such as text, font sizes or your logo is the standard approach to customising your invoice. However, it doesn't offer as much creative freedom as branding your invoice does, which is what can be achieved by creating a custom DOCX branding theme for your business.

      Why should I use invoice branding?

      Using invoice branding is a way to stand out from the competition and look more professional. Having an advantage of being perceived as a high-quality, trustworthy service or product provider, and the ability to use the colours and design creatively when using custom DOCX branding themes, you are able to influence the client to pay your invoice on time. Apart from driving conversions and sales, it is believed that customised, branded invoices are more likely to lead to referrals.
      A lot of the time when people talk about invoice branding, they’re not only referring to invoices, but also have other documents in mind. Matching the design and branding on all your digital stationary, such as quotes, proposals, credit notes or customer statements is the most efficient way to get out the most from your accounting software. With Xero for example, when you create a custom docx branding theme for a multi-page proposal that includes your quote, you can send beautifully designed proposals that can be edited to add a personal touch to each prospective client without having to convert your files to PDF each time. What’s more, when the quote is accepted, Xero lets you turn this into an invoice with a click of a button. With custom DOCX branding themes you are saving time and cutting out a lot of the admin work.

      How do I import an invoice template into Xero?

      When working with Web Design London to produce sharp-looking custom DOCX branding themes, there are certain rules that accounting softwares impose on designers. You don’t need to worry about these as our team would take care of them for you, and simply provide you with a finished template that is ready to be uploaded. So, once you’ve received your final DOCX file with, for example, your invoice branding theme, here are the steps to take to import it into Xero:
      1 - Click onto your Business Name and go into Settings, then go into Invoice Settings.
      2 - Click the New Branding Theme arrow and select Custom .docx.
      3 - Enter a name for your custom theme and click OK.
      4 - Find the Upload button on the far right side of the branding theme you just created.
      5 - Click Upload and select the option to Browse for Invoice. This will open up your documents and you’ll be able to select your DOCX file you received from the Web Design London team.

      How do I import an invoice template into Quickbooks?

      When producing customised invoices or other documents for your Quickbooks account, you will need to have a correctly formatted DOCX file with the design. There are some rules and limitations that accounting software imposes on designers. When working with Web Design London designers, you don’t need to worry about these as our team would take care of them for you, and simply provide you with a finished template that is ready to be uploaded.
      When you’ve got your template saved on your computer, follow the below instructions to upload it to your Quickbooks account:
      1. Go to the Setting icon at the top right corner of your dashboard and select Quickbooks Labs.
      2. Switch on the option to Import Styles and press Done to save your changes.
      3. From your dashboard, click on the Settings icon again and then select Custom Form Styles.
      4. Click on New Style on the right-hand side and select Import Style from the dropdown box.
      5. When you land on the first page of the ‘Import your own form style’ process, be sure to select the right document in the dropdown under Form Type.
      6. Then click below on Browse and select the DOCX file provided to you by the Web Design London team. Then click Next.
      7. Check that all the fields in your document match the ones in Quickbooks. You will see numbers associated with different elements of your uploaded document which will correspond to numbers in a table generated by Quickbooks. Cross compare that the field that each number is assigned to on your invoice matches the field that Quickbooks selected in the table. If something needs to be amended, simply select the correct field name from the dropdown list in the correct row. When everything matches, click Next.
      8. You can then preview the style and if you’re happy with it, click Save and give your form a name.
      9. Next time you’re creating an invoice, once you’ve got your information in, you can select the Style you created from a dropdown at the bottom of the page.

      What is a DOCX file?

      A DOCX file is a Microsoft Word document that typically contains text but can also store other media, such as images. A DOCX file is an upgraded version of a DOC file and has gained popularity since its introduction. Both, DOC and DOCX files can be opened using Microsoft Word, as well as some alternate programmes.

      Nowadays, it is more common to see people use DOCX files rather than DOC files for several reasons. DOCX is a smaller document file format when compared to DOC file and comes in the popular XML format, making it a perfect file format for sharing. It can be read by almost any full-featured word processor, including online tools like Google Docs and readers developed by other companies, such as Pages on an Apple device.

      What is the difference between DOC and DOCX files?

      Both DOC and DOCX files have been developed by Microsoft. DOCX is the successor of the DOC file and was introduced in the early 2000s.

      The main difference between the two is that in a DOC file your document is saved in a binary file that includes all the related formatting and other relevant data while the DOCX file is actually a zip file with all the XML files associated with the document. This means that you would still be able to open the DOCX file with any zip compression software if you were to exchange the DOCX extension of the file with ZIP.

      Because the DOCX file was introduced later, you cannot open a document with that extension in a version of Microsoft Word from 2003 or earlier.
      The way DOCX is set up makes it a lot lighter and smaller in size which is perfect for storing documents or transferring them via email.
      Additionally, DOCX file allows you to work with new features when the DOC file does not.

      Which documents can you customise in Xero and Quickbooks?

      Both accounting softwares, Xero and Quickbooks, allow for some sort of customization. Both provide you with some templates that you can take and customise further, as well as an option to upload your own template.

      The terminology used to describe these templates differs - Xero calls them branding themes whereas Quickbooks refers to them as form styles. The idea behind them, however, is exactly the same - a way for you to personalise your documents by adding your logo, brand colours, headings, watermarks or extra messages.

      The list of documents that the two accounting softwares allow you to customize are almost the same.

      Xero lets the user customize Invoices, Statements, Credit Notes, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Receipts, and Remittance Advices.

      In QuickBooks Desktop, you can create custom templates for forms like Invoices, Sales Receipts, Estimates, Statements, and Purchase Orders.

      What program will open a DOCX file?

      The primary software that lets you open a DOCX file is Microsoft Word 2007 (and above). If you are using an earlier version of Microsoft Word, you can download the free Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack which would allow you to open, edit and save DOCX files in your older version of MS Word.
      For those who do not have Microsoft Word at all, there is a free programme available called Word Viewer, through which you can open DOCX files, without having to purchase the MS Office.
      If for any reason, you decide to stay away from Microsoft products altogether, there are other readers that are compatible with DOCX files. These include WPS, OpenOffice Writer, ONLYOFFICE or Google Docs. Those are all free and allow you to open and edit the files.
      For Apple product users, DOCX files can be opened using the built-in application called Pages.


      Custom Xero Branding Template Design

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      As a custom Xero branding template design agency, we know how hard it can be to stand apart from competitors, especially here in London. One of the key ways we validate our success and hold ourselves accountable is through our partnership with Clutch, which has recently recognised GLO, (our limited company) as one of the top B2B companies in the UK.