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With Web Design London on board, SEO becomes an integral part of your digital marketing strategy, setting a great foundation for any future digital marketing campaigns.
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At Web Design London, our SEO experts love growing businesses by driving relevant traffic to their websites. We put a lot of effort into collecting and analysing data and information to present you with a customised plan of action, detailing the process we’re going to take to improve your visibility in search and general performance online. Our holistic approach ensures the different branches of your online presence work seamlessly towards one main goal – to get you more leads.

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    Our SEO Strategy & Search Marketing Plan

    SEO Campaign Process

    Without a good SEO strategy in place, the only thing you’re increasing is your opportunity cost. To remain competitive in today’s fast-paced digital world, your business needs to appear in top searches.

    Here’s the SEO process we take to get you there…

    The process begins with a consultation. We’ll get to know you and your business, understanding the products or services, the target audience and their pain points. Discovering your objectives and vision for your business will help us plan our SEO strategy.
    Keyword Research
    With a thorough SEO analysis of your biggest competitors, who are ranking higher than you at the moment, we can uncover exactly how they’ve done this. We’ll carry out in-depth competitor research to find all the best ways to rank within the industry you’re in. At this stage, we’ll also research the consumers and their browsing behaviour, and perform an audit on your website to identify where improvement is needed.
    SEO Planning
    With the information from steps one and two, as well as our keyword research, Web Design London SEO experts will scope out a plan for an impressive results-driven SEO strategy, starting with the most critical points and those that will bring the best results in the shortest amount of time.
    Implement SEO Strategy
    We’ll follow our plan and implement the different SEO strategies, which often include, on-site optimisation, external and internal backlinking, clean up of duplicate content, optimisation of your listings on platforms such as Google My Business, as well as adding structured data to help you appear in rich snippets.
    Data is only useful once it’s analysed. We observe your analytics and examine aspects that we can improve on. We then tweak and test to optimise the visibility and the conversion rate of your website.

    Delivering results-focused SEO

    SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is a process of optimising your website and online presence in order to drive more organic traffic from search engine results. Have a look at these recent stats: “0.78% of Google searchers click on results from the 2nd page.” (Backlinko)

    As one of the leading SEO agencies in London, Web Design London can help your business improve all the elements of your website that are fundamental to a successful SEO strategy. Our SEO agency has drastically improved search rankings for some well-known brands.

    Confident but not complacent
    There are many SEO experts out there who, no doubt, could improve your visibility just like we can. The difference between Web Design London and other SEO agencies is that we do not sit back once we get you up to the top of searches. We keep up to date with all the algorithm changes and trends in the digital world to make sure your digital marketing game is evolving just as fast as the online world is.
    Passionate about SEO
    Our team is built of SEO experts fascinated by the potential of the digital optimisation strategies and the utilisation of those for lead generation. Our shared passion for search engine marketing and relentless curiosity has helped us to develop a culture of learning, with which we infuse each and every project.
    SEO Understood by Mere Mortals
    We know SEO jargon can get a bit too much, so like with all of our services, we like to keep it black & white. We’ll make sure, from the initial consultation, everything we communicate is laid out in a way you can understand. But then again, we don’t need to do that much talking - the results we get and the noticeable increases in lead numbers our clients get, speak for themselves.
    Content-Led Approach to SEO
    Web Design London do everything possible to ensure that our SEO techniques stay ahead of the latest search engine algorithm updates while offering complete transparency to our clients. For our clients, we always recommend the long-term, content-led approach to SEO, following white-hat SEO methods that reward the website for engaging and interesting content and avoiding any penalties associated with black-hat SEO.
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    As a full-service web design and SEO agency, we can deliver a complete solution for our clients. We bring together specialists from all areas of the business on to projects so that you can take full advantage of the knowledge and experience that our team has.

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    Google Reviews

    John and his team really bought into our vision. The product they delivered was excellent and the additional tweaks and changes as we developed our service was never an issue. Highly recommended

    Damian Brown Avatar
    Damian Brown

    We have been using GLO for a couple of years now and we are still as pleased with their results as we were in the first few months. They communicate well, give sound advice and are extremely knowledgeable.
    I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their ratings on the internet.
    All Trans Autos Ltd

    Richard Bloomfield Avatar
    Richard Bloomfield

    A delightfully easy service delivered with passion and knowledge. Looking forward to working together in the future, and take advantage of the GLO effect! Thanks John.

    Daniel Dimoline Avatar
    Daniel Dimoline

    We've been using John and the team at GLO for only 3 months now since moving to Ipswich and the level of quality SEO and professionalism they offer is extremely high and arguably unbeatable. Monthly/Quarterly catch ups, they keep you updated on every detail and the difference to our website is unmeasurable from when they started until now. Do not look any further i promise you wont be disappointed, and we can say that as Prior to GLO we went to another SEO company in Ipswich and my god we the difference is like night and day. Thank you GLO and here's to the next stage of SEO with your amazing team. ..!!!

    david power Avatar
    david power

    It was a pleasure to work with GLO on the website for our rewards and recognition platform.

    The team is knowledgeable, friendly and professional and we were really happy with the final product, especially considering time constraints.

    Ben Hammond Avatar
    Ben Hammond

    I approached GLO for a rebrand, website re-design and SEO package. Right from the start I felt like a priority. The way the team look after their clients is top notch and the culture runs through the entire organisation, there wasn’t any idea or extra request that wasn’t met with enthusiasm and I was always kept informed of where the project was at.

    The quality of the website and brand that they have created for us is great. The website is beautiful and already ranking on first page Google searches, after less than a week! I could not recommend John and his team highly enough, and I can see us working with them for many years to come.

    Ben Grover Avatar
    Ben Grover

    This company has helped increase the quantity and quality of leads, produced a smart and productive website which is user friendly. John is always professional and polite. 5*****

    Karl Turnbull Avatar
    Karl Turnbull

    GLO were introduced to me with a glowing recommendation by a close friend who had recently enlisted their services. I was extremely impressed with the work that they had completed on his behalf and as I happened to be in the market for a complete overhaul of my company brand and online presence, it was a no brainer to get in touch.

    From the outset John, Mark, Beth and the whole team were amazing. From discovery stage, defining a clear roadmap, impeccable copy, a complete redesign of the brand and all things in between, GLO took the lead and produced an end product that exceeded all expectations. I look forward to working with them again very soon on another rebrand.

    I could not be happier with the results. I strongly recommend that anyone in market for their services get in touch right away.

    Jamie Gray Avatar
    Jamie Gray

    Trusted SeO Agency

    Our dedicated SEO specialists craft bespoke and data-driven SEO campaigns that will build and nurture your online presence, drive traffic to your website and skyrocket conversions. This is why we consider ourselves to be the best and most affordable SEO agency in London.
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    If you’re looking for a talented SEO agency based in London that are passionate about helping your business generate leads online through holistic SEO, then look no further than Web Design London.

      SEO FAQ’s

      What is SEO in digital marketing?

      SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation and is a practice of increasing the amount of web traffic that comes from organic search. SEO aims to improve the visibility of your website and drive more qualified leads to it. There are different types of SEO practices.

      What is search engine marketing (SEM)?

      SEM involves SEO marketing activities with some paid advertising. Some examples include Pay Per Click campaigns, local SEO, display advertising, shopping or product advertising and search remarketing. SEM and SEO strategies can be cherry-picked to match your business’s objectives.

      What is basic SEO?

      There are plenty of SEO practices but some basic things you could look into are:
      - Link building. This can be done by either publishing high-quality content on your site that others will want to share on their websites, or finding other ways to link your website on someone else's site. An example could be writing testimonials for services and products you have used in the past which get a high volume of website traffic.
      - Creating content. This shows search engines you are active and keeps users on your website. This could be in the form of a blog, vlog, study or a podcast.
      - Optimise meta descriptions and headlines. You need to make sure you are using keywords, the right character count and catchy phrases.
      - Improve user experience. Check how fast your page is loading, if it’s optimised for mobile and whether all links are working properly.

      Why is SEO important for your business?

      SEO practices are important for businesses because they improve their visibility on search engines, such as Google or Bing, and in turn drive more traffic to your website. With increased traffic, there are more conversion opportunities and therefore the potential for higher sales volume.

      SEO works on optimising your position within search engines, which are seen as trusted and credible sources by users. In this way, the higher your rank, the greater the perceived credibility.

      How does web design help SEO?

      At Web Design London we believe web design begins with SEO. Your web design can incorporate various elements that help your SEO rankings. One way that the SEO rankings go up is as a result of a lower bounce rate. Attractive design and carefully selected keywords reduce bounce rates.

      Another aspect of web design that helps to reduce bounce rate is the user experience (UX). What this refers to is the ease with which users can navigate through your website to find exactly what they’re looking for. If the structure of the website is unclear, users are more likely to ‘bounce-off’ and search for the same information on the competitor’s website.

      Optimising your web design with compressed images that load faster and social media integrations that let them distribute your content online makes their experience better. As a result, users are likely to stay on your website for longer and as a result, indicate to the search engines that your website is valid and useful for web users.

      What is an SEO agency?

      An SEO agency is a company that offers search engine optimisation services that can help your business appear higher in search engine results pages and drive qualified leads to your business.

      Web Design London is an SEO agency that integrates various SEO practices, expertise and passion to produce highly-performing SEO strategies that generate more web traffic and more leads for your business.

      How to generate leads through SEO?

      To generate leads through SEO, experts apply several optimisation practices that not only make your website appear higher in searches but also improve the user experience and convertibility of your website. As a result, there are more qualified leads that land on your website.

      What is SEO copywriting?

      SEO copywriting or writing for SEO refers to the process of planning your content, creating it and optimising with keywords that will help improve your rankings in search engine results pages. Producing SEO friendly content makes your website more attractive to search engines.

      Does SEO really matter?

      The short answer is yes, SEO does really matter. It generates a consistent stream of web traffic for your business and builds a good foundation for any future digital marketing campaigns you’re looking to run. SEO means you are playing by the rules of the major search engines which helps your rankings.

      How long does SEO take to work?

      It is common to hear from agencies that SEO takes between 4 and 6 months to work. This is not untrue, however, the real amount of time it may take depends on the business, the industry and the goal in mind. At Web Design London, we base our predictions on thorough analysis and keep you updated on the progress on a monthly basis.

      What types of SEO are there?

      It is difficult to say how many different types of SEO there are. We can identify three different approaches to SEO:
      1 - A white-hat approach is what Web Design London uses and it’s based all around using wholesome methods to improve the visibility of your website.
      2 - A black hat approach is where SEO experts try to manipulate the search engine algorithms to make your website rank higher. At Web Design London we avoid this approach to SEO.
      3 - A grey hat approach is somewhere in the middle. It’s not quite as bad as black hat approach but isn’t as ‘clean’ as white hat either. Again, our approach is to try and stay away from breaking the search engine rules.

      Another way to categorise SEO practices is to divide it into:
      - On-page SEO where the optimisation occurs on the website itself.
      - Off-page SEO where optimisation is done outside of the website, e.g. via link building.


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      Clutch is the leading ratings and reviews platform for digital marketing companies, SEO agencies and other business service providers. Each month, over half a million buyers and sellers of services use the Clutch platform, and the user base is growing over 50% a year.


      As a SEO agency, we know how hard it can be to stand apart from competitors, especially here in London. One of the key ways we validate our success and hold ourselves accountable is through our partnership with Clutch, who has recently recognised GLO, (our limited company) as one of the top B2B companies in the UK.