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Motus Truck & Van was established in 2018 when an Ipswich-based Mercedes-Benz dealer working under the Motus Group called S & B Commercials joined forces with Orwell Truck & Van. Together they set out to provide high-quality Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles to customers across Hertfordshire, Essex and East Anglia.

After the merger, the company went through brand realignment and as a part of the larger effort to establish a strong company culture, commissioned Web Design London to produce an Employee Hub site that would display and remind employees of the core corporate values and the behaviours that embody them. Motus Truck & Van requested to include a nominations tool that would allow employees to get involved and put forward those who they believe should be celebrated for the way they live out the corporate values while setting the standard for others. Web Design London worked in collaboration with Think to deliver a responsive microsite for Motus.


August 2021


Web Design, Web Development, UX Copywriting & Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)



Mercedes Benz Web Design Case Study
Their objectives were to:
  • Produce an Employee Hub site to strengthen the core corporate values and set a standard for employee behaviours while engaging them in celebrating the success of the company and other colleagues
  • Develop infrastructure for the Leading Stars scheme where employees get to nominate their colleagues for embodying out the corporate values in their work
  • Produce engaging content, written in the tone of voice established within the Corporate Identity guidelines
Project outcomes:
  • Branded, fully responsive website with a well-presented UI displaying the corporate values
  • A user-friendly nomination entry form and several Call To Action (CTA) buttons strategically positioned throughout the website to drive the desired actions
  • An Employee Hub with design and copy that aligns with the Corporate Identity guidelines
It was a pleasure to work with GLO on the website for our rewards and recognition platform. The team is knowledgeable, friendly and professional and we were really happy with the final product, especially considering time constraints.

Ben Hammond, Marketing Executive

John & his team were extremely detailed and professional throughout our time working together. We had very tight deadlines which GLO were able to meet and turned our project around in a matter of weeks.

Tom Sunderland, Head of Marketing



To ensure the website met the needs of its primary users – the Motus Truck & Van employees – we investigated what those needs are and applied principles of UX design to satisfy those with an appropriate and intuitive design. Offering smooth user experience (UX) on all screen sizes and devices is key with any website build and was key for this project in order to ensure high engagement. Our fully branded design incorporated the Leading Stars scheme in a central place on the homepage to help draw the users’ attention to the scheme and encourage the employees to consider how their behaviours embody the core corporate values, or who out of their colleagues deserves to be nominated for one of the awards.


One of the requirements set forth for WDL by Motus Truck & Van was to produce engaging copy that also satisfied the Corporate Identity guidelines. The microsite needed to be an extension of the brand visually and contextually, and by applying the tone of voice identified within the guidelines, our copywriter was able to achieve that result.

To keep the user experience flawless and user-friendly, the Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons were labelled in a way that would directly address the user and give them clear instructions as to what to expect once they click on a specific button.
By adding Motus’s Facebook feed to the homepage, we ensured stay engaged as they browse through the site.


The Motus Employee Hub idea was born out of the need for the reinforcement of the corporate company values among the employees post the rebranding process. The management has come up with a way to reward their employees for living out the core values by allowing other employees to nominate them for awards. With the nominations being the main desired action on the microsite WDL was producing for Motus, we’ve ensured that our Conversion Rate Optimisation specialist reviewed the site design and suggested amendments that would result in more users filling out the nominations form. We’ve placed the CTA buttons in places, reducing the number of clicks required for a conversion.

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