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Client Info

Finstech is a new recruitment agency connecting employers and job seekers in the financial, insurance and technology industries. They offer an online platform suitable for both, for those looking for jobs and job providers, whereby job seekers can upload their CV and find a job, while employers can post a job opening.


April 2020 – Ongoing


Web Design, SEO & Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)



Web Design London Finstech Web Design
Their objectives were to:
  • An attractive, easy to use website that would cater to both employers and employees
  • Functionality within the website to upload CV’s and submit a job posting
  • Improve organic search rankings in the local area
Project outcomes:
  • A multiple page website with consistent branding
  • A modern website with user-friendly navigation
  • ‘Submit CV’ and ‘Post a Job’ functionalities
  • A user login functionality where job seekers can receive automated job alerts
  • A landing page for the job listings with a useful filter search functionality
I like their passion for the project. They’re always excited and engaged when we talk. As a business owner that’s not technical, it’s nice to be validated by people; it’s great seeing this project moving from an idea into actuality, and it’s all working out according to what I wanted.

Web Design London were really engaged with the project and I’m delighted with the results. The website is exactly what I was looking for, and it’s been a great experience working with them and I would happily recommend them!

We achieved results with Web Design & Development

Fintech’s new website needed to match the modern and professional look and feel of the logo and represent their services and brand well. Our web designers stuck with a clean white background with some touch of colour to bring the attention of the user to the important areas. The different pages that were created were based on SEO research and were added to the website in order to facilitate the search engine optimisation for specific key terms the client was after.

The design and wording were put together in a way that guides the user on how to use the platform to achieve what they want.

The bold, and easy-to-understand Call To Action buttons draw the attention of the user and guide them smoothly to complete the desired action. This helps to increase the conversion rate of the website. The two macro conversions the client was after was for the job seeker to submit a CV and an employer to post a job. Both functionalities are skillfully positioned throughout the website to keep guiding the user to complete the desired action.

Our web designers used a simple layout on the Jobs page in order to make it very easy for job seekers to find lucrative job postings. The filter functionality helps users refine their search.

Web Design London Finstech Website Design
Web Design London Finstech SEO Stats

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