Fees Free Mortgages Case Study

Generating leads with Web Design, SEO, Google Ads & CRO
Client Info

Fees Free Mortgages provide unbiased, independent mortgage advice to customers in Suffolk and Essex. Fees Free Mortgages are a relatively new business that has been expanding at a fast rate while working with Web Design London.


July 2019 – Ongoing


Web Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing,  Google Ads, Marketing Automation, Content Marketing & Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)



Web Design London Fees Free Mortgages Website Design
Their objectives were to:
  • Generate leads through paid advertising
  • Improve the general health of the site and optimise it for search engines
  • Increase the conversion rate with CRO
Project outcomes:
  • £140 decrease in the cost per conversion
  • 700% increase in the average number of conversions per day via PPC
  • 20x more daily impressions as a result of SEO
John and the team at Web Design London helped me achieve the dream website for my new business. Web Design London allowed me to focus on building my business whilst taking care of the digital marketing side. The result has been an intelligent website which is able to provide an insight into my visitors, which will be crucial in deciding on marketing strategies. As a new business start-up, John helped me by creating a plan which allowed me to achieve milestones and budget accordingly. John and the team at Web Design London always came in within budget, and always well in advance of our agreed deadlines.

We achieved results with Google Ads & SEO Strategy

1 – Google Ads Management

When our experts first started working on the PPC campaign for Fees Free Mortgages, the average cost per conversion was as high as £150. Within the first month, we managed to bring that cost down to about £35 per conversion. Our data-driven strategy meant that we carried on monitoring and optimising the campaign, eventually bringing the cost down to as low as £1 per conversion. Not only are Fees Free Mortgages now paying less per converted lead, but they also have 7 times more conversions at this reduced cost. Thanks to our experts’ skilful optimisation of this lead generation PPC campaign, the client experienced fast growth in early 2020, which resulted in them having to expand their admin team, to keep up with the work.

2 – Search Engine Optimisation

As always we based our strategy on data we had and were collecting. Performing all the best SEO practices on the client’s website, including on-page technical SEO as well as backlinking to directories and high-authority websites related to client’s niche has helped to improve the general health of the website and its ranking on search engines. The more data we had the more we were able to recommend as the next step within the SEO strategy. Working on the client’s NAP consistency, and Google My Business listings to make sure they are fully visible to their target audience as well as adding additional pages to their website based on data analysis resulted in 20 times more daily impressions of the website in organic searches.

Web Design London Fees Free Mortgages Google Ads Stats
Web Design London Fees Free Mortgages SEO Organic Search Stats

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